Four Benefits of Spring Cleaning

The Blueprint — April 18, 2019

Spring has finally arrived in Kansas City, which means it’s time to pack away your winter essentials and rid your home of some clutter.  Why is it that approximately 91 percent of Americans engage in spring cleaning each year? While it may seem like a chore, there are many benefits that will make it worth your while.

Here are four ways that tidying up can provide physical health benefits, mental clarity and even help ease up on your wallet:

Protects Against Illness

As we say goodbye to cold and flu season, it’s a great time to deep clean your living space. One study of contaminated household items revealed over 340 different bacteria on 30 common household items – Staph, Salmonella, E. coli, fecal matter, yeast and mold are among the some of the most prevalent domestic germs that can make you sick. From wiping down your doorknobs to disinfecting your mobile phone, don’t miss a single nook or cranny – check out these tips for disinfecting your home.

Provides Mental Clarity and Reduces Stress

Less can most certainly be more. Minimalist expert Marie Kondo has taken Netflix by storm with her reality series, Tidying Up, sparking viewers’ interest in cutting back on material goods to create a happier and healthier life. According to certified professional organizer and president of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals Ellen Delap, de-cluttering can help shift your focus on what’s important and meaningful to you, providing a sense of control and ultimately lowering stress-levels. Additionally, Healthline points out that your environment is often an accurate reflection of your well-being, stating that a disorganized living space can worsen symptoms of depression.

Rids Your Home of Excess Products

Chances are your medicine cabinet might be overflowing with expired prescriptions and miscellaneous medications and ointments that may or may not come in handy one day. While you have the best intentions for building this collection, you might be causing more harm than you realize when it comes to actually using them. With National Prescription Drug Take Back Day right around the corner (April 27), now is a great time to get rid of what you no longer need. The National Kidney Foundation dives deeper on the importance of spring cleaning your medicine cabinet, providing six tips to help you jump-start the process.

Saves You Hard-Earned Money

Sorting through and organizing your belongings is a simple way to prevent unnecessary spending. When your area is cluttered and disorganized, it’s difficult to keep tabs on what you have and what you need. With years of experience organizing and decluttering, Delap frequently sees duplicates of office supplies and pantry items because people often don’t know what they already own.

With warmer weather right around the corner, there’s no better time to lighten your load – mentally and physically – with a mindful and thorough spring cleaning.