Members shop, save, and share in the savings of medical procedures with SmartShopper

February 2023

Let’s face it. Medical procedures are not on the usual list of things people shop for online. SmartShopper is changing that.

SmartShopper provides value times two when employees of your eligible group clients1 shop for medical procedures, save money for choosing a cost-efficient provider, and receive cash rewards for doing so. For eligible groups, SmartShopper is already available on the member portal at in the Find Care section. 

How SmartShopper works

When a Blue KC member shops for and chooses a cost-effective, in-network provider for a doctor-recommended procedure, Blue KC in partnership with SmartShopper passes on a percentage of the savings to the member. The member will receive a check from SmartShopper approximately six to eight weeks after their procedure. 

SmartShopper by the numbers

Since Blue KC launched SmartShopper six months ago, eligible Blue KC members have been pleasantly surprised by how much they’ve earned in rewards for shopping.

Average Blue KC reward$365
Rewards delivered to Blue KC membersOver 470
Total amount of Blue KC rewardsOver $98,000
Eligible Blue KC members who have used SmartShopper22%*
Blue KC members eligible for SmartShopperOver 270,000
*As compared to group plans at other insurers, which average 2% use at this point in the SmartShopper lifecycle.

What are Blue KC members shopping for?

In the past six months, Blue KC members have shopped for these procedures.

  • Top-shopped procedures: Mammogram, colonoscopy, surgery, MRI, ultrasound
  • Procedures with highest medical bill savings: Colonoscopy, MRI, cataract removal, surgery, knee replacement

Encourage clients to promote SmartShopper to their employees

A variety of resources are available to clients now, with more to come throughout the year. Please share these with eligible clients. They also can request resources from their Blue KC sales representative.

Learn more about SmartShopper

You and your clients will find answers to the questions we hear most often in this FAQ. For more information, please contact your Blue KC representative.

1SmartShopper-eligible members include Fully Insured Large and Fully Insured non-ACA Small Group members, Small Group Level Funded members, and non-ACA Individual and Family Plan members. Self-insured customers can work with their Blue KC Account Representative for more information about offering SmartShopper to their employees.