New! Curv/GRx underwriting guidelines for new small group business

November 2022

Effective immediately, Blue KC now accepts groups with a maximum 35% renewal, an increase from the previous 24.9% renewal. To obtain a level funded ASO (5-99) or non-ACA fully insured (51-99) underwritten quote, groups must have a minimum 10 enrolled employees.  

What we need: 

  • Completed applicable Blue KC Group application  
  • Group’s complete renewal (renewal must match the requested effective date) 
  • Most recent current carrier bill 
  • Blue KC census template. Must be on our template (include dependent information if applicable)   
  • Level funded ASO groups will be asked to submit claims experience reporting if available 

Submission steps to success  

  • To avoid delays in processing, please submit a group once you have ALL required documents. Blue KC prioritizes new group submissions based on accurate and complete submissions.   
  • Groups not eligible for Curv include:  
    • ACA groups, Virgin groups, and groups coming out of association/PEO plans as they do not have “group specific” renewals. We require medical applications for these groups.  
    • Groups with renewals greater than 35%. Fully completed health applications are required. 
    • Groups with less than 10 enrolling. Fully completed health applications are required. 
  • If additional employees elect to enroll AFTER Curv underwriting is complete, fully completed health applications are required for those employees for underwriting review. 
  • If there are fewer members enrolling after Curv underwriting is complete (10% variance) Blue KC reserves the right to rerun the updated census through Curv (rates potentially subject to change). 

Contact your Blue KC sales consultant for more information.