Review IRS Health Savings Account Adjusted Amounts for 2023

July 2022

The IRS has released the 2023 cost-of-living adjustments for Health Savings Account (HSA) contribution limits, HDHP deductibles, and out-of-pocket maximums. Please review and keep the adjusted amounts handy as you enter open enrollment period. Read the official IRS release.

Limits for Group Plans and HDHP/HSA Plans20222023
HSA-Compatible HDHP Minimum Required Deductible*
Self-only HDHP coverage$1,400$1,500
Family HDHP coverage$2,800$3,000
HSA-Compatible HDHP Out-of-Pocket Max
Self-only HDHP coverage$7,050$7,500
Family HDHP coverage$14,100$15,000
Non-HSA-Compatible HDHP Out-of-Pocket Max
Self-only HDHP coverage$8,700$9,100
Family HDHP coverage$17,400$18,200
HSA Contribution Limits
Self-only HDHP coverage$3,650$3,850
Family HDHP coverage$7,300$7,750
Catch-up Contribution Limits
HSA-eligible individuals age 55 or older$1,000$1,000

*Plans in 2022 where the individual deductible is less than $2,800 will be considered an aggregate deductible. This means the entire family deductible must be satisfied before benefits for any covered person under the policy will be paid. In 2023, that amount will be $3,000.