Rx Rewards Program

June 2021

Reward your employees with the Rx Rewards Program.

Blue KC has partnered with Rx Savings Solutions to bring you this new incentive program.

We believe in the importance of helping your employees be informed consumers of their healthcare. This includes helping them find ways to save money on prescription drugs. That’s why we partnered with Rx Savings Solutions (RxSS) to offer the Rx Rewards program. Now your employees can save money at the pharmacy and get rewarded at the same time.

$100 Visa® Prepaid Card

Your employees can earn a $100 Visa prepaid card by simply switching to lower cost prescription alternatives. Plus, they can earn multiple rewards if they have more than one qualifying medication.

How it works.

Once your company has opted into the program, employees will need to complete a few easy steps to start earning their rewards.

After completing these steps and receiving confirmation from RxSS, employees will receive a pre-loaded $100 Rx Rewards Visa® Prepaid Card* in the mail to be used at drug stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, and wholesale clubs.

Feel free to share this flyer with your employees so they can learn more about the program.

*Visa Prepaid Cards expire one year after activation. More details can be found at https://cloud.salesforce.rxsavingssolutions.com/PF.

Your company gets rewarded too.

Rx Rewards is good for your business for a number of reasons. The program:

  • focuses on members who have lower-cost prescription alternatives but may not have great financial motivation to switch due to already meeting their deductible or a plan design with low copays
  • helps employees mitigate out-of-pocket costs while also saving money for your plan
  • drives money back into your pharmacy benefit through a restricted use gift card (limited to use at drug stores/pharmacies, grocery stores/supermarkets and wholesale clubs)

Questions? Need more information about RxSS and the Rx Rewards Program?  Simply ask your Blue KC representative. If your employees have questions, they can call the customer service number on their Blue KC membership card. If they have questions specific to the Rx Rewards Program, they can contact Rx Savings Solutions at 1-800-268-4476.

Training Sessions Now Available!

If you’re interested in a training session on Rx Savings Solutions including the Rx Rewards program, please contact Angela Cheatem at angela.cheatem@bluekc.com.