It’s Our Turn to Protect Veterans

Fall Issue

You have two partners in your health – the VA Health System and Blue KC. And we’re here to make sure Medicare-eligible veterans get the care they need, where and when they need it. 

Supplement your VA benefits with a Blue Medicare Advantage plan

Having a Blue KC Medicare Advantage plan is a good way to supplement your existing VA benefits. And you have more flexibility and broader access to care when you want to seek care outside the VA. Plus, it won’t conflict in any way with your VA healthcare services. We’re here to provide you with the coverage you need to get and stay healthy. 

It is important to see your physician outside the VA at least once a year. This allows your personalized care to be continued in case you cannot get to the VA for care. 

Blue Medicare Advantage Flex (PPO)

Blue KC offers a $0 plan that includes both the Blue Medicare Advantage network and Out-of-Network providers. Our Blue Medicare Advantage Flex (PPO) is designed for veterans who don’t want Part D Prescription Drug coverage. With this PPO product, you’ll get hospital and medical coverage, plus extra benefits, all in one plan. To learn why Flex is the plan of choice for so many vets, visit 

At Blue KC, we serve our veterans by: 

  • Providing timely access to other care facilities like primary care doctors or urgent care facilities. This can be valuable if wait times are high at a local VA, or if t’s too difficult to travel.
  • Giving veterans the freedom to obtain second opinions from doctors outside the VA system.
  • Offering additional services like “over-the-counter” item allowance and health club memberships.
  • Giving veterans an opportunity to establish a relationship with a private primary care physician.
  • Sharing important health screening reminders. 
  • Providing information on the importance of taking medications regularly.