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Meet seasonal depression head on

December 2022

It’s not news that the holiday season can cause short-term behavioral health issues such as depression, anxiety, and stress. While you may tell yourself it’s a seasonal thing that will subside once the decorations come down and the last holiday song plays, it’s important to take it seriously.   

Mindful by Blue KC is a behavioral health initiative dedicated to making care accessible and affordable during the holidays and year-round. You have access to resources, such as a Mindful Advocate, who is a phone call away and can match you to the right care and services. Don’t hesitate to call 833-302-MIND (6463). 

You can also combat the pressures of the season by keeping these tips in mind. 

1. It’s ok to say no 

This time of year, it can be especially easy to overcommit yourself, which in turn creates more stress.  Make sure you’re carving out enough time for yourself and don’t forget about your own needs.  

2. Maintain healthy habits  

The holiday season is notorious for ruining healthy habits. Consider making exercise a top priority and fill up on healthy snacks like fresh fruit or veggies throughout this time of year.  

3. Be realistic  

You are only one person, and you can only do so many things.  Maintain boundaries of what is reasonable for you to accomplish. Try to avoid setting unrealistic expectations for yourself and others.  

4. Find caring, supportive people  

The holidays after a loss in your life can be difficult. Accept your feelings and share them with others.  

5. Make a plan for the new year  

The garlands are down, and the company has gone home. What’s next? It’s a great time to reset for 2023, but don’t set unachievable goals for yourself in the new year or you might not stick to your plan. Layout realistic, obtainable goals that you can build off of for the next 12 months.  



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