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November 2020

Home is your new gym.    

Not comfortable hitting the gym these days? No sweat, you’ve got connected fitness.

Connected fitness refers to the set of tools ­– whether apps or equipment – which bring together your fitness and digital life, giving fitness enthusiasts the near experience of working out in the gym from the safety and comfort of home.

Are you someone who craves the excitement of an in-person class? Do you thrive on real-time feedback from a trainer? Are you looking for something more interactive than your fitness watch or a basic fitness app? Read on.

Connected fitness companies are reinventing the workout.

Brands like Peloton, Mirror, FightCamp, and Tonal offer a convenient way to work out from home without missing out on the competitive and engaging experience you get at the gym. Besides live streaming and two-way enabled audio and video that’s designed to replicate the atmosphere of a class or gym, these devices also provide a smarter way to work out. How? They gather user data to customize workouts based on the user’s skill level and preference.

Perfect time. Minimal space.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not advisable to work out with strangers in the closed spaces of gyms and fitness studios. So, connected fitness the perfect alternative for keeping fit in times of social distancing. And since the equipment has a small footprint, users can set up a full-fledged workout studio in a tiny corner or even a wall of their homes. Yes, you can squeeze in that workout!

What do connected fitness devices cost?

Connected fitness equipment requires a significant initial investment in the equipment, besides a monthly membership subscription. It can range from $1,220 to $4,295 for the smart device or equipment, plus a monthly membership fee of around $39 to $49. Connected fitness brands offer financing options for the equipment purchase, which range from $42 for $149 per month, which can make it easier for many fitness enthusiasts to afford.  

Choose your workout type.

In-home fitness devices feature smart screens enabled with two-way audio and video. Guided by expert instructors, users can participate in a range of online workouts ranging from biking and yoga to cardio and strength to barre and boxing, and more.  

Why not take a spinning class in the living room while the baby is napping? Wish you could do strength training at home, but unsure on proper form? There’s a class for that. Want to start HIIT on your treadmill, but only have 30 minutes for a workout? There’s a community of people who want to virtually join you.

The future of fitness is more connected than ever. Are you in?

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