A Healthier You

It’s easy to get swept up in our Sweepstakes.

December 2020

A Healthier You can make a winner out of everyone. 

Did you know that by taking an active role in your health, you could be a winner? Not only are you working to improve your overall well-being, but every health action you complete on the A Healthier You (AHY) portal earns you points.  Use these hard-earned points to enter sweepstakes for a chance to win digital gift cards.

Sweepstakes are open to everyone who participates in the AHY program. By regularly interacting with the portal, you can earn more points throughout the year and improve your chances of winning.

What is a sweepstakes?

Sweepstakes are similar to a lottery or raffle, where you enter a drawing with points you have earned and may be chosen as a winner. New sweepstakes are available every month! Winners are notified via email and in their Message Center on the AHY portal.

Please note, sweepstakes entry does not guarantee winning. Odds of winning are dependent upon the number of entrants for the gift card category.

How do I Enter?

Log in to your AHY portal by visiting the Health & Wellness section of your MyBlueKC.com member portal and then accessing A Healthier You. Once on the AHY portal, look for this icon on the left navigation menu:

On the Sweepstakes page, you can view your total points earned, total points available (if you have entered sweepstakes during your current wellness program year*) and the amount of points you have spent on sweepstakes. You will also be able to view what sweepstakes are currently available.

*For details on your wellness program year, click on your Points Summary. The “Plan Year” displayed is your current wellness program year.

Still have questions? Check out the Sweepstakes card in the Help section of your AHY portal for answers.

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