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Mar 22, 2024
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5 reasons to sell Blue KC Simply Blue (PPO) with Active Bundle during SEP

Members aging-in to Medicare or retiring late with a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) will find the Blue KC Simply Blue (PPO) plan to be the perfect fit. Here’s why:

  1. Same in- and out-of-network cost share. This plan gives members freedom to see the provider they want at the same cost-share as in-network providers. While the Blue Medicare Advantage network of doctors and hospitals is robust, we understand members may want to see a provider outside the network.
  2. $2,500 flex benefit to use on the benefit extras members choose. This plan offers flexibility with a rich wallet to spend on things they need and want, such as:
    • New eyeglasses or contacts
    • Dental services like preventive cleanings and x-ray
    • Hearing aids
    • Health-related transportation
    • Vitamins, pain relievers, and protein shakes, and other eligible over-the-counter items.
  3. SilverSneakers® is included! Staying fit and active is important to new retirees and with the SilverSneakers fitness program they can enjoy amenities such as fitness equipment, swimming pools, and classes at participating locations. They can also attend health education seminars and social events with others who share their interest in a healthy lifestyle.
  4. More money in the pocket for fun things, like travel and adventures. With a $0 premium and $0 primary care provider visit, members can feel comfortable going to the doctor without worrying about a copay. And, with a low $4,800 maximum out-of-pocket max, they have peace of mind should the unexpected occur. Traveling out of the country includes emergency care and urgent care with low copays too.
  5. Transitioning from group coverage to Medicare can be confusing. Blue KC local customerservice –located in the Blue KC headquarters across from Union Station– provides a great experience when members have questions on coverage and benefits.

The Blue KC Simply Blue (PPO) with Active Bundle* was built for the lively lifestyle of new retirees who want flexibility and freedom with a safety net for their nest egg.

*Benefits will vary for members who choose the Classic Bundle.

Learn more about Simply Blue (PPO) with Active Bundle.

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