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Aug 1, 2023
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SmartShopper MRI resources now available

Pulling up on water skis for the first time in 20 years is something to celebrate. Wiping out and needing a knee MRI isn’t.

Before booking a scan, eligible1 Blue KC members can shop for a lower-priced provider with SmartShopper.

SmartShopper gives members control to shop and choose a lower cost option for an MRI and more than 90 other medical procedures. Plus, they can earn a cash reward for doing so. The average reward for Blue KC members is $365.

Clients and members save with SmartShopper

Since SmartShopper launched just over a year ago, Blue KC fully insured groups and members have embraced SmartShopper and saved:

  • $1,579 (average) per shop2
  • $1,226,976 total claims savings2

But none of this has been possible without you.

Help keep SmartShopper front and center with your clients

Thank you for providing SmartShopper promotional resources to your clients this past year. As our library continues to grow, we look to you again to share these resources with your clients.

NEW! MRI Newsletter Copy

NEW! MRI email

NEW! MRI Flyer

NEW! MRI Digital Screen

SmartShopper Playbook

Welcome Toolkit

You Have SmartShopper Toolkit

Member Story Newsletter Copy

Member Story Flyer

Preventative Care Newsletter Copy

Preventative Care Flyer

Know What You’ll Pay Newsletter Copy

Know What You’ll Pay Flyer

How to Use SmartShopper Guide

1 SmartShopper-eligible members include fully insured large and small group members, small group level funded members, and individual and family plan members.  Experience varies between ACA and non-ACA plans. SmartShopper is not available to Medicare Advantage members. Self-insured customers can work with their Blue KC Account Representative for more information about offering SmartShopper to their employees.

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