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Nov 15, 2023
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Top 5 Blue KC resources for Annual Enrollment Period

Blue KC supports your business with these helpful AEP resources.

  1. Missed the 2024 Broker Rollout? Watch the Blue Medicare Advantage Broker Rollout video.

2. Need quick answers?

Email your clients’ questions about claims or coverage to the Broker Concierge customer service team at Please include the member’s name, member ID, date of birth, and details surrounding the request. A local concierge team member will reach out to the member and respond to you with an issue resolution update.  

3. New dental network

In partnership with Dominion Dental, our third-party administrator, we are building a robust network with superior customer service. This network replaces DentaQuest; it is not the Blue KC commercial dental network, and it is not searchable on Dominion’s website. You can find the Blue KC MA Dental Network at Blue KC Agent Portal > Medicare > Plan Documents > 2024 Plan Year. We will update this document often as we add to the network. 

4. Read about Blue Medicare Advantage extra benefits

Blue Medicare Advantage extra benefits are outlined on P. 4 of the Member Handbook, which is mailing now to 2024 Blue Medicare Advantage members.

5. Scope of Appointment (SOA) Details

  • 48-hour rule: The 48-hour rule – which applies to all SOA forms – started September 30, 2023. It is required any time you want to meet with a current or prospective Medicare health plan beneficiary to discuss plans and benefits.
  • When does the 48-hour rule NOT apply? There are two exceptions to this rule. The first exception is during the last four days of an election period, when you can obtain a same-day SOA. The second exception is for “walk-in” meetings initiated by the beneficiary, including AEP.

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