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Apr 9, 2024

When a client needs support services, point them to Blue KC’s Community Support Tool

Healthcare is Blue KC’s heart and soul. Yet we know that physical and behavioral health is sometimes only as good as a person’s access to food, housing, transit, education, and other resources.

Blue KC is pleased to help connect Kansas Citians to free and reduced-cost resources through the Blue KC Community Support Tool.

How to use the Community Support Tool

The Community Support Tool compiles local support services in one directory. Simply enter a ZIP code, then choose the type of service needed, such as transit, food, or housing.

The tool will deliver a list of community-based organizations (see SNAP example below), information about what they do, eligibility, availability, how to contact them, and how to take the next step.

Share the Community Support Tool with your clients

The Community Support tool is available to Blue KC members and all Kansas Citians at Please download the Community Support tool flyer below and share via email or during in-person meetings.

Explore support services on the Community Support Tool.

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