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Apr 10, 2024
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2024 Blue KC Sporting Samaritan Honoree Kari Rowe – month of April

Blue KC and Sporting KC have announced Line Creek Elementary School teacher Kari Rowe as the Blue KC Sporting Samaritan honoree for April

For the past 23 years, Kari Rowe has been a staple in the Park Hill School District. She’s worked at three different elementary schools within the district and taught a combination of second, fourth and fifth graders. She’s currently the second-grade teacher at Line Creek Elementary School and has thoroughly enjoyed serving in that capacity for the past three years.

“I am honored to be a part of the Line Creek family,” said Rowe. “Our students bring a great deal of diversity, from their learning styles, backgrounds, homes and cultures. Our job (as teachers) is never the same in the world of education, but Line Creek has an amazing staff that rises to meet all the needs of its students, and helps them become their very best selves. It’s a very special place.”

Early in her career, Rowe attended a conference and heard a message from the late Rita Pierson that has fueled her teaching career. Pierson said, ‘every kid deserves a champion’, and Rowe has continually gone above and beyond to adhere to the meaning of that phrase.

“I try to teach in that manner, especially since the lives my students live are all on a different path,” said Rowe. “Each one is as unique and challenging as the next. In 23 years of teaching, I have never had one learner be on the same academic or personal path. However, each year the need to be ‘their champion’ is more important. We rise to the occasion daily, year-after-year, and ask nothing in return.”

These philosophies and approaches to educating her students are what makes Rowe such an influential and uplifting teacher in the Kansas City community. She knows her (and all teachers) duties extend beyond the classroom. They also serve as role models, counselors, advocates and are oftentimes safe havens for their students. The mental, physical and emotional tolls are high for Rowe and other educators, but they understand the importance of being readily available each and every day to become their student’s heroes.

“We are teaching our children to be ready for the challenges that lay ahead, no matter how big or small,” said Rowe. “We work to teach them not only the objectives needed to be successful in the next grade level, but to expect the very best from themselves. I know where I want to get my students to by the end of the year, so I must work on finding ways to motivate them to want to learn the material. I want the students to see more than just today, I want them to see more of themselves for tomorrow and beyond.”

Last year, Rowe was the recipient of the Northland Chamber of Commerce award. Throughout the years she has also sponsored the Kindness Club, Chess Club, Science Club, and has recently become involved in the Soccer Club.

“I have 23 years of teaching very special children in the Park Hill School District,” said Rowe. “My heart sees their futures are brighter than they could ever imagine. I hope that once they leave my classroom, they will forever know that I am here to support them and help them achieve their dreams. I take pride of being known as a mother (of two daughters), a daughter, a sister and a friend. However, adding the title of ‘teacher’ has been a privilege.”

“Ms. Rowe’s exceptional efforts in championing students’ learning and sportsmanship aligns seamlessly with the work to build a better community,” said Rowe’s nominator, Ashley Van Horn. “Her dedication to fostering relationships among students, both in academic settings and recreational activities, resonates with the spirit of community enrichment. Her tireless work in helping students form connections with peers on the bus, collaborate with peers in class, and engage in helping our students have access to extracurricular opportunities, not only enhances the educational experience but also contributes to the overall well-being of our school community.”

“The stability and commitment Kari has shown to the Park Hill School District for the past 23 years is inspiring, encouraging and mesmerizing,” said Christina Lively, Blue KC Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. “Despite the various obstacles and hurdles that come with being an educator, Kari’s unwavering passion and perseverance has made her an iconic figure in her local community. It’s these types of values we should all strive toward, and our team is honored to showcase her highlights and approach to education with the rest of the Kansas City community. Congratulations Kari!”

Fans are encouraged to nominate teachers and students who are making a positive impact on their schools and communities by clicking here.

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