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Nov 27, 2023
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Spira Care Centers – It’s about the relationship

At Spira Care Centers, patient-centered Care Teams consist of board-certified physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, behavioral health consultants, and diabetes educators. Removing barriers to care is critical to Spira Care’s vision; this is realized, in part, by removing financial barriers to primary, preventive, and sick care.

Offering a personal, simplified patient experience focused on the whole person, the Spira Care model allows more time for providers to listen to patients, address health concerns, and support wellness goals. Care Guides are available to help patients understand their care plans, coordinate care, and explain health insurance benefits. Spira Care has six years of data to illustrate its success in driving down healthcare costs and reducing the overall total cost of care for employers.

“Spira Care is one of the first primary care practices in the region to offer integrated behavioral health—identifying and treating the unmet behavioral health needs that so often accompany medical conditions and contribute to unfavorable clinical and cost outcomes,” said Dr. Rebecca Gernon, DVP, Spira Care Medical Director.

Data from Spira Care shows one of the most important drivers of health is a continuous relationship with a primary care provider. Advanced primary care improves health outcomes, lowers healthcare costs for employees and employers, and increases patient satisfaction. For employers, this means enhanced productivity and a healthier workforce.

Hear about the Spira experience from employers, patients, and Spira Care Team members        

Our Care Spotlights give you a chance to hear what employers, patients, and Care Team members have to say about Spira Care.

Talk to your Blue KC representative about offering a Blue KC plan with Spira Care

Make the move to Spira Care for your employees. You’ll get more than a place to go for your healthcare needs. You get people you can count on to help your employees on their health journey. Your Blue KC representative can work with you to explore plan designs that give your employees exclusive access to advanced primary care services at nine Spira Care Centers – at no to low additional cost*.

*Blue KC members enrolled in plans (without a Health Savings Account) with exclusive access to Spira Care Centers will have no costs for any procedure provided at a Spira Care Center. Blue KC members enrolled in plans (with a Health Savings Account or HSA eligible) with exclusive access to Spira Care Centers will have an affordable charge for services. Preventive services are covered at 100%. Health and Welfare Funds who contract with Blue KC to offer exclusive access to Spira Care Centers provide their non-Medicare eligible participants access to appointments and services at Spira Care Centers at no out-of-pocket cost.

Learn more about Spira Care for your employees.

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