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Dec 11, 2023
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Your Dentist May Be a Health Detective

Did you know your mouth can contain clues about your physical health? There are several health conditions that can manifest in the mouth and dentists are trained to spot them. For many, visiting their dentist is part of their yearly health routine. For others, visiting the dentist may not be a priority. Don’t skip that oral exam. Your dentist can help you keep your mouth healthy and be a health detective.

There are many health conditions a dentist may flag. Here are a few.


Signs: Pale gums and smooth patches on the tongue


Signs: White or red patches, non-healing ulcers in the soft tissue of the mouth, masses in the jaw or soft tissue


Signs: Bad breath, oral thrush, red or bleeding gums, slow healing cuts or sores


Signs: Neglecting self care

GERD or Acid Reflux

Signs: Erosion on the back side of teeth


Signs: Bone loss detected in x-rays

Your oral health can provide a picture of your overall health, and regular dental visits contribute to the early detection and prevention of diseases. Contact your dentist to schedule your oral exam and discuss factors that could affect your health.

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