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Apr 17, 2024
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Find prescription drug savings for the whole family with Rx Savings Solutions

You and anyone covered by your health plan from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC) have access to a free service called Rx Savings Solutions (RxSS). You can use RxSS to check prescription drug prices and find more affordable options—all based on your specific coverage. 

So, here’s the question: Is everyone on your plan using RxSS?  

If not, take a minute today and invite other adults on your health plan to activate their own RxSS account. Once they do, everyone who manages prescriptions in your household will easily know when there’s a lower-cost option available.  

Don’t let your family miss a chance to save money on prescriptions. Invite them to get started with RxSS! 

How it Works: 3 Simple Steps 

Once you’ve logged in to your RxSS account, inviting others to use this free service is easy: 

Step 1 – Select anyone on your plan who is over the age of 18 and enter their email address in the box that says, “Dependent’s Email Address”.

Step 2 – You’ll see confirmation that your invitation has been sent—remind your family members to check their inbox. 

Step 3 – Adult dependents on your plan will receive an email with clear directions to activate their RxSS account. 

What About Kids? 

Your RxSS account automatically shows prescription drug information—including ways to save money—for any minors covered by your health plan.

Access your RxSS account anytime by logging in to, visiting the Plan Benefits section, and clicking on “Pharmacy Plan Info.” Once you’re on the Pharmacy Plan Info page, click on “Spend Less on Prescription Drugs” and you’ll be directed to RxSS where you can view your current savings opportunities.

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