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Oct 24, 2023
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Get Advanced Care with Spira Care

Blue KC is proud to offer health plans with exclusive access to nine Spira Care Centers located across the Kansas City metro area. At Spira Care, you get convenient access to a doctor-led care team for all your primary care needs, from annual wellness appointments and sick visits to behavioral health consultations and health coaching.

Here’s what a Blue KC member had to say about their experience with Spira Care.

To access Spira Care Centers and services, you must be enrolled in a Blue KC Choice plan. If your existing plan is a Choice plan or you are looking to get access to Spira Care, be sure to enroll or stay in a Choice plan for 2024 as Open Enrollment is coming up on November 1.

Have more questions about Open Enrollment? Visit these OEP FAQS or call 844-655-0355.

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