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Jul 24, 2023
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New! Spira Care program aims to optimize patient medications

This month, Spira Care will launch a comprehensive medication management (CMM) program to optimize patient medications and improve health outcomes. The program will initially focus on patients with complex conditions who are transitioning out of the hospital. It will ultimately expand to allow Spira Care providers to refer patients for individualized support.

Ensuring Spira Care patients get the most benefit from advances in pharmacology is a critical component of improving their health. Spira Care’s CMM program takes a patient-centered approach and is delivered by a pharmacist working in collaboration with the patient and other healthcare providers.

More about CMM

CMM is a standard of care that assesses a patient’s medications (prescription, nonprescription, vitamins, and nutritional supplements) to determine they are appropriate, effective, and safe given other health conditions and medications being taken.

CMM is a critical and innovative connector between primary care, hospitals, partner health systems, specialty healthcare providers, pharmacy, and health insurance. It supports improved medication-related outcomes and offers increased individualized attention to medications and the impact of those medications on a patient’s daily life.

Spira Care and CMM

Spira Care’s CMM program includes an individualized care plan to help patients achieve the intended goals of each medication with appropriate follow-up to monitor outcomes.

Bailey Scism, PharmD, BCACP

Spira Care’s ambulatory care pharmacist, Bailey Scism, PharmD, BCACP, will be embedded in the primary care setting to support and empower patients to proactively manage their health goals, diagnoses, and prescriptions. She initially will work side-by-side with Spira Care physicians and advanced practice providers in the transitions of patients who have been hospitalized. She will review prescriptions for safety, effectiveness, and affordability for each patient’s unique needs and insurance formulary interpretation.

Through CMM standard of care, Dr. Scism will apply her pharmacotherapeutic expertise in a collaborative process with Spira Care Teams, allowing physicians to be more efficient, see more patients, and spend more time providing medical care. Additionally, Dr. Scism will help Care Teams address each patient’s unique needs and empower patients to meet their health goals through optimized medication management and improved care coordination.

CMM embodies the Spira Care model of Advanced Primary Care, offering a personalized, patient-centered, simplified healthcare experience.

Keeping patients out of the hospital is one of the most important — and cost-effective — goals of Advanced Primary Care. CMM is one way to help accomplish this goal.

Contact Spira Care for more information at (913) 297-7472 or visit SpiraCare.com.

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