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Dec 12, 2022
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Zero Dollar Preventive Care Services

$0, no cost, zilch.   

Blue KC knows you love to hear this about the cost of preventive care coverage, and we love to say it. A Blue KC health plan covers many routine preventive services – such as cancer and diabetes screenings, immunizations, and your annual preventive visit – at 100% when you visit an in-network doctor or facility. That’s $0 for preventive services!  

See what may be included, and keep these tips in mind when scheduling appointments:  

  • Visit doctors in your plan’s network.  
  • Ask for preventive care screenings and tests that are 100% covered by your plan.  
  • Ask if there are any tests or treatments done during your appointment that might not be considered preventive care.  
  • Ask if talking about non-preventive care health problems during your appointment will lead to extra costs. 

Rewards sweeten the deal  

Blue KC takes preventive care a sweet step further with rewards. Members who complete their annual preventive care visit by December 31 can earn a $25 digital gift card. For members with a family plan, the reward applies to adults and children, so a family of four could qualify for $100 in rewards.

Blue KC health plans with Spira Care offer more $0 coverage   

If you enroll in a plan with Spira Care, you also receive $0 services* at Spira Care Centers, including:  

  • $0 doctor visits 
  • $0 routine lab services  
  • $0 digital X-rays (most locations)  
  • $0 childhood checkups and vaccines  
  • $0 telehealth visits with Spira Care providers or by using MyBlueKC app  

Call a Customer Service representative to learn more Blue KC ACA health plans, $0 preventive services and earning rewards having an annual preventive visit. 

*Services must be completed at a Spira Care Center, and you must have a Blue KC plan with Spira Care. On-site prescription services are available for a select and limited number of the top generic prescriptions at your regular copay or deductible level.  

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