Caring for the community one member at a time

At Blue KC, the health and well-being of Kansas City’s residents is a top priority. Conditions in places where people live, learn, work and play impact a wide range of health outcomes. These conditions are known as Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) and make up 80 percent of what shapes differences in health status for Blue KC members and our community at large.

In 2019, our Community Health team began working to understand and address these social determinants with an eye toward the future. The team is made up of members with expertise in areas such as public policy, data analysis, and benefits and programs. They are focused on creating solutions to move the needle on health outcomes for our community.

A survey with results

In April of last year, we asked Blue KC employees to participate in a voluntary, anonymous survey to provide information on their socioeconomic and environmental experiences. The survey results helped give us a better understanding of our employees’ needs and, in turn, the needs of our members and community. These results drove our Community Health strategy for the remainder of 2019 and continue to guide us in 2020.

Social needs screening has its rewards

Part of our strategy involved changing the way we pay providers, and we added a financial incentive for Spira Care providers and Medical Home members to conduct social needs screenings. These screenings help give providers a more complete picture of their patients’ lives. In 2020, we’ll roll out a social needs referral network, so that providers who screen their patients for social needs can refer them to relevant community-based organizations for assistance when needed.

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