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We Are Here For You.By Giving Back.

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As the largest not-for-profit health insurer in Missouri and the only not-for-profit commercial insurer in Kansas City, Blue KC has spent more than 80 years investing in our community. And 2020 was no different. Even when COVID-19 was taking much of our time and energy, our Community Investment Team was working hard to ensure the needs of our non-profit partners were not forgotten.

As the impact of COVID-19 began to spread and the world began to shut down, non-profits quickly realized events they depend on for significant funding would have to change or be canceled entirely. Blue KC has a long history of support for fundraising events throughout our region and we vowed to continue our support. As a result, we supported more than 250 events, even when there was no event to attend.

In 2020, through Blue KC grants and employee fundraising we gave Harvesters over $75,000 allowing them to provide more than 200,000 meals from our donations alone. We also gave $100,000 to Kanbe’s Markets, an organization working to provide innovative food delivery systems that are more inclusive, enhance small businesses and empower individuals to make healthy choices. These funds helped to install 10 new Healthy Corner Store locations, providing fresh produce in food deserts and increasing access to these items for over 45,000 Kansas Citians. These efforts are part of our continued commitment to addressing food insecurity in the Kansas City area with our Well Stocked program. We know that access to nutritious food is key to a healthy community and Well Stocked is our way of supporting the organizations who work to provide meals and food for the 350,000 Kansas Citians who don’t know where their next meal will come from.

In addition, our employee cafeteria, the Live Blue Kitchen and Café, under the leadership of Chef Kyle Williams, worked to create more than 40,000 healthy and delicious meals with ingredients donated and their time paid for by Blue KC. Not only did this get meals to people in need, it allowed Chef Kyle and his team to remain employed and doing meaningful work while many service industry workers were facing unemployment.

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Awards and Recognitions

In 2020, Blue KC and our employees were honored to be recognized by national and local groups for our commitment to our members and the Kansas City community.

Company Recognitions

Ranked #1 in Member Satisfaction among Commercial Health Plans in the Heartland Region by J.D. Power

Certified Platinum for Workplace Wellness by the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce’s Healthy KC Workplace Wellness Certification Program

Service Quality Measurement (SQM) Group’s World Class First Call Resolution (FCR) Certification

North American Customer Centricity Awards for “Best Customer Experience Strategy” and “Customer Centric Culture”

Voted Best Insurance Provider by Ingram's Magazine readers in the 2019 Best of Business Kansas City Awards

Commendable Accreditation for Blue-Care (HMO) and Preferred-Care Blue (PPO) by the National Committee for Quality Assurance

Employee Customer-Focused Recognitions

  • Gretchen Gladden
  • Tracy Shifflett
  • Brittany Badua
  • Cynthia Aron
  • Kathy Cordonnier
  • Jesse Freese
  • Kimberly Grigsby
  • Patricia Mahurin
  • Amy Munger
  • Michael Roberson
  • Tammy Roberts
  • Shantenie Tyner
  • TeRance Golden
  • Gina Beaver
  • Casandra White
  • Tammy Roberts
  • Lacie Bozarth
  • Eric Ashby
  • Tina Gasper
  • Glenda Noel-Brown
  • Lanna Golliglee
  • Ilona Stout
  • Kalila Williams
  • Ashley Delaney
  • Jami Stovall
  • Aimee Brisco
  • TeRance Golden
  • Adrienne Aldridge
  • Alexis Mahone
  • Alicia Carlock
  • Allie Koehler
  • Angela Chacon
  • Angela Seals
  • Ann Beninato
  • Bailey Dryden
  • Branden Lee
  • Breyanna Mack
  • Brian Harris
  • Brittany Badua
  • Candi Vanhorn
  • Carol Lewis
  • Dana Giles
  • Dana Plowman
  • Dawn Uthe
  • Dennis Nash
  • D'Nae Gardner
  • Evan Sadrakula
  • Gretchen Gladden
  • Gwen Thomas
  • Haley Lawrence
  • Janine Morgan
  • Jarvis Morrison
  • Jasamine Jones
  • Jazmin Carroll
  • Jennifer Johnson
  • Joel Romp
  • Josalyn Shockley
  • Julie Morris
  • Kalila Williams
  • Keshauna Crawford
  • Kristy Milbourn
  • LaTonya Foster
  • Laura Puthoff
  • Lauren Faulks
  • Lauria Comley
  • Lesley Conchola
  • Lindsey Petrin
  • Maya Smith
  • Melanie Dhont
  • Michael Garner
  • Michele Pannell
  • Michelle Rose
  • Mira Vecchio
  • Nekeisha Buckley
  • Pascal Jackson
  • Raichelle Shelton
  • Ramona Magers
  • Raven Robinson
  • Rebecca Henderson
  • Rebecca Prather
  • Regina Canady
  • Rochelle Kidd
  • Ryan Spears
  • Stephanie Curtis
  • Suzanne Tobin
  • Takeisha White
  • Tara Friends
  • Tracy Shifflett
  • Trey Juarez
  • Trish Smith
  • Wes Fuller
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