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ChamberCHOICE is based on a health insurance model called defined contribution. Employers provide employees with a health insurance allowance, or "contribution," to spend on their healthcare. It’s a win-win because employees get to choose the plan that fits their needs. And employers get to control their annual costs.

ChamberCHOICE Level Funding Administrative Services Only (ASO) plans provide a great alternative to traditional, fully insured small group health plans. The plans have been designed to be fully funded. Blue KC will help you evaluate your maximum claims risk and then blend specific and aggregate stop-loss insurance to create level funding you can budget for each month.


  • Employees choose from five unique level funded ASO medical plans that include Spira Care, BlueSelect Plus and the Preferred-Care Blue networks
  • Employers may choose to offer one of three dental/vision coverage options
  • Quoting available now for 1/1/2019 effective date

The monthly level-funded money remitted to Blue KC will include:

  • Administrative costs and stop-loss insurance
  • Claims funding

Your maximum annual claims, including claims run-out liability, are predetermined to create level funding that is easy to administer. Employees can elect the following coverage levels:

  • Employee Only
  • Employee and Spouse
  • Employee and Children
  • Employee and Family

Level Funding 101.

Your level funding arrangement has been carefully designed to ensure you neither over nor under fund your plan. However, in the event your claims experience is lower than expected, you will receive back two-thirds of your unused claims dollars. Blue KC will retain one-third as a deferred administrative fee.

Funding 101

Advantages of ChamberCHOICE Level Funding ASO Options:


Gain control over your health benefits budget and have an opportunity to get back a portion of your unused claims dollars.


Self-funded medical plans may be less costly than similar fully insured coverage options subject to modified community rating guidelines and may be exempt from some taxes and fees.

Comprehensive coverage

Plans include tailored networks, comprehensive medical and pharmacy benefits, plus Blue KC’s award-winning Customer Service and comprehensive population health management programs.

Networks for Small Group Plans

Blue KC understands the importance of access to high-quality healthcare services. Our provider contracting team ensures our networks deliver by negotiating rates that help keep care affordable, while also ensuring each provider meets Blue KC’s standards for high-quality care.

Network Coverage Network Coverage
Network Coverage with BlueCard Network Coverage with BlueCard

Preferred-Care Blue®

Preferred–Care Blue (PPO) offers your employees the largest selection of providers within the Blue KC 32-county service area. When your employees want more doctors, more hospitals, and more health care choices, our Preferred-Care Blue network will more than meet their expectations. Employees can also travel with confidence because BlueCard® gives them access to benefits while on the go.

NEW! BlueSelect Plus

BlueSelect Plus (PPO) offers affordability by using a high-performance hospital and provider network. BlueSelect Plus is available for employees who reside in, and whose businesses are headquartered in the 5-county Kansas City metropolitan area, which includes Clay, Jackson and Platte counties in Missouri, and Johnson and Wyandotte counties in Kansas. When traveling outside the 32-county Blue KC service area, BlueSelect Plus members are covered under the BlueCard PPO network.

NEW! Spira Care + BlueSelect Plus

Spira Care is a combined care and insurance offering developed by Blue KC. It’s designed to make the member healthcare experience simpler and more transparent. Spira Care members enjoy access to comprehensive, personal primary care at convenient Care Centers, as well as access to all the benefits of the BlueSelect Plus network within the Kansas City metro area. Spira Care is built on an Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) insurance model. Members must receive all care from in-network providers (BlueSelect Plus network in the Kansas City area or BlueCard network outside the 32-county service area) except for emergency services. Non-emergency services received out-of-network are not covered.


Most Blue KC plans allow you to take your healthcare benefits with you – across the country and around the world – with the BlueCard program. BlueCard gives you access to doctors and hospitals almost everywhere. Outside of the U.S., you have access to doctors and hospitals in nearly 200 countries and territories through the BlueCard Worldwide® program.

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