Playbook Campaigns

By offering health education to your employees that is focused on awareness, engagement, understanding and lifestyle behavior changes, you can facilitate a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce. We’ve made it easy to educate your employees about their Blue KC health benefits, programs and services in addition to providing important health awareness resources and information. Our Playbook Campaigns come with a handy How-To Guide and shareable content. Ready to get started? Put Blue KC Playbook campaigns to work today.

Benefits, Programs & Services

Virtual Care

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Where to Go for Care

Where to Go for Care Playbook Download Your Playbook

Health Programs

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Health Awareness

Social Needs Survey

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Care & Coverage

What good is health insurance unless you know how to use it? Help your employees find the care they need. And keep them up-to-date on all the care options available to them.

Find Care

Help your employees manage their coverage online through our member portal,, and find a high-quality provider.

Care Options

Help your employees manage their coverage online and find a high-quality provider.

Spira Care

Spira care members enjoy access to comprehensive care, including primary care, behavioral health consults, lab tests, x-rays and more all in one place.

International Coverage

Blue KC offers international coverage so your employees can stay safe and healthy around the country and the world.

Costs & Savings

Show your employees how to make cost-effective decisions, so they’re able to get the most value out of their Blue KC health plan.

Costs and Authorizations

Blue KC wants you to receive the most effective, appropriate care and treatment available. We also want to protect you from incurring additional or unnecessary costs.

Rx Savings Solutions

A free service to Blue KC members. Through text or email, we will notify you of saving opportunities for your prescriptions. You decide what's best for your health and your budget.

Health Programs

By sharing knowledge and support, we give employees the power to live healthier. Here are programs created with one goal in mind: to help employees be their best.

Health & Wellness

Provide education for the many health and wellness programs and benefits available to your employees.

Behavioral Health

Blue KC has enhanced the services provided in member health plans, giving members access to behavioral health services to address stress, depression, substance use and more.

Ready to Shop?

We look forward to helping your choose the right health insurance coverage for your life. What's more, we look forward to being your partner in health. Welcome to your local Blues family. Contact your health insurance broker/agent to get started.