End-to-End Workers' Compensation Program

End-to-End Workers' Compensation Program

Blue KC offers a workers' compensation cost and care management program for employers who self-fund these benefits for their employees. This program effectively manages employer expenses and employee care from the time of the injury claim and throughout recovery for better return to work outcomes.

Our integrated program includes administration and claims management, 24/7 service line, regular communication with employers and employees, employer reporting, and more. Cost management will always remain at the forefront.

Control Costs and Improve Return to Work

Service Solutions

  • Local team of Adjusters onsite at Blue KC headquarters provides 24/7 Nurse Triage for workers' comp claims, support for medical services and urgent/non-urgent health advice
  • Return to work program encourages and controls lost wages

Network Solutions

  • Specialized network of providers are motivated and experienced with treating workers’ comp cases
  • Advantageous network pricing and discounts in our service area below traditional rates
  • Strong provider partnerships creates a better employee and employer experience

Data Sharing Solutions

  • Comprehensive data sharing for improved return to work outcomes
  • One clinical portal provides consistent and integrated information to employer, physician, adjuster and case manager to improve return to work
  • Customized employer reporting plus claim analysis, such as identifying claims that could have been prevented


Express Scripts is an experienced partner focused on workers’ compensation through advanced solutions and services. Express Scripts practices pharmacy smarter and has improved patient outcomes plus safeguards for payer costs through advanced pharmacy services.

How to Apply

Want a new approach to controlling workers' compensation costs? Contact your health insurance broker/agent to get started.