Medicare AEP Final Push

November 2022

With less than 30 days left in AEP, Blue Medicare Advantage plans are competing extremely well when it comes to benefits seniors care about.

A major selling point is Blue Medicare Advantage’s supplemental benefits1, which exceed the number offered by the average individual plan. Member feedback is especially positive about Blue KC’s:

  • Daily activity support through Papa at no cost. With Papa, members can make an appointment with a Papa Pal for up to 40 hours per year. Papa Pals can help with light housekeeping, grocery shopping, or driving to the doctor’s office. Learn more about Papa.
  • Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) at no cost for the entire year. Many beneficiaries already pay a monthly fee for a similar device. Switching to a Blue Medicare Advantage plan gets them the device at no cost and saves hundreds of dollars each year. Learn more about PERS
  • Blue Benefit Bucks (BBB) makes it flexible for members to use their plan as they choose. BBB cards have up to three wallets (depending on the plan) including over the counter products, Flexible Benefit Allowance for things like glasses, and Member Rewards for items like healthy foods (earn up to $50). Watch a short BBB video, which can help you sell. 

1Not all plans include the benefits mentioned here.

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Grab more great information on Blue Medicare Advantage plans to help guide clients to the right plan:

Plus, all Blue Medicare Advantage members will receive a new handbook in January.

2023 Medicare Supplement updates

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