2022 MLR rebates for certain small employer groups

September 2023

The Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) requirements say insurers in the individual and small group markets must spend at least 80% of each premium dollar on member care or improving quality of care.

Insurers who do not meet the MLR standard for 2022 are required to issue rebates to their members in 2023.

We are issuing a rebate for 2022 MLR in the Kansas Small Group PPO segment (this excludes groups size 51+ and sole proprietors).

What to know about your rebate

  • MLR rebate checks will be issued by the end of September 2023.
  • Blue KC members who are part of group policies will not receive rebates directly from Blue KC. We will pay the rebate to the employer who will decide how to apply it.

Our primary commitment at Blue KC is ensuring that our members receive proper healthcare at the time and place they need it at a reasonable price. If you have a question about MLR rebates, please contact your Blue KC representative.