Shop, save, and share in the savings when you have a medical procedure

December 2022

There’s nothing appealing about having a medical procedure, except when you earn a cash reward for using SmartShopper to save money on the procedure.

What’s SmartShopper?

SmartShopper is a tool that lets you shop and compare costs for a procedure, save money on the procedure, and earn a cash reward for doing so. If you’re a SmartShopper-eligible member*, you’ll find the SmartShopper tool on the member portal at in the Find Care section. 

How does SmartShopper work?

When you shop for a cost-effective, in-network provider for a procedure and choose a lower-cost provider, Blue KC in partnership with SmartShopper passes on a percentage of the savings to you. You will receive a check from SmartShopper approximately six to eight weeks after your procedure. 

What is my potential share of the savings?

It depends on the procedure. These examples are based on procedures1 performed in the Kansas City metro.

ProcedureYour Share
of the Savings
Your Out-of-Pocket
Cost for Procedure
Total Cost of
Up to $420$0$1,182 – $9,977
Carpel Tunnel
Up to $720$135$1,824 – $15,403
Sleep StudyUp to $720$33 – $135$334 – $6,729
1Based on Preferred-Care Blue network. Share of savings may vary by network. Member out-of-pocket cost may vary based on amount of deductible and out-of-pocket max met at time of procedure.  

What other procedures can I shop for using SmartShopper?

SmartShopper-eligible services include common medical procedures like bloodwork, preventive exams like cancer screenings, imaging scans like mammography and MRI, and more complex surgeries such as hip or knee replacement and spine surgery.

Tell your employees about SmartShopper

The SmartShopper Playbook is your how-to guide for informing employees about SmartShopper. It includes ready-to-use communication resources and a communication action plan.

*SmartShopper-eligible members include Fully Insured Large and Fully Insured non-ACA Small Group members, Small Group Level Funded members, and non-ACA Individual and Family Plan members. Self-insured customers can work with their Blue KC Account Representative for more information about offering SmartShopper to their employees.

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