Advanced primary care has a home in Spira Care|Advanced primary care has a home in Spira Care

March 2022

Blue KC continues to be a leader in healthcare by putting members first. We’re continually finding ways to transform how healthcare is designed, delivered, and experienced. Spira Care Centers are living proof of this commitment.

Spira Care Centers are a revolutionary approach to care, combining advanced primary care and coverage in one place – simplifying the healthcare experience to make it more personal and affordable. Blue KC members who enroll in a plan with access to Spira Care Centers have exclusive access to eight convenient Care Centers across the Kansas City metro area.

Spira Care puts members at the center of it all. 

At Spira Care Centers, every patient is surrounded by a complete Care Team of doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, behavioral health consultants, health coaches, and diabetic educators. Care Guides are part of the Care Team, too, and they help to coordinate care, answer questions, and explain benefits.

The Care Team supports patients through every step of their health journey. With physicians leading the way, the Care Team is focused on caring for the whole person and helping members achieve their unique health goals – whether eating healthier, reducing stress, or self-managing diabetes

Bringing more care to healthcare

Advanced primary care, routine preventive care, chronic medical condition management, and sick care all happen here – in one convenient place.

At Spira Care Centers, Care Teams work together to manage patients’ unique health needs. Every patient is seen as an individual, not a set of symptoms. They won’t be rushed through appointments. And, because they have ample time to partner with their physician and Care Team, they can achieve better health outcomes.

The Spira Care model of simple, personal, advanced primary care improves member health and lowers short- and long-term healthcare costs to employers and members.

Spira Care Fast Facts

No copays, no deductibles, and no additional costs for procedures at Spira Care Centers.1 Routine labs and X-rays2 at Spira Care Centers included.3

All preventive services are 100% covered. 

Access to Care Teams, including Care Guides, and all Spira Care Centers conveniently located throughout the Kansas City metro area. 

In addition to Spira Care Centers, members have access to the BlueSelect Plus network for services like specialty care and hospitalization.

1Members enrolled in a plan with access to Spira Care Centers and who have an HSA have no copays, deductibles or additional costs after meeting their out-of-pocket maximum.

2X-rays are available at select locations only, must be ordered by a Spira Care provider, and are at no additional cost to members.

3For Spira Care members, there are no additional costs for any procedure provided at Spira Care Centers, but a select number of generic prescriptions can be filled on site at your copay or deductible level.

4Subject to plan cost share.

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Share with your employees everything Spira Care Centers have to offer, including the difference advanced primary care can make. Encourage them to learn more at We also have a Spira Care: Advanced Primary Care Playbook to help introduce employees to Spira Care Centers and the benefits of the advanced primary care model. 

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