Because health disparities have no place in our community|Because health disparities have no place in our community

March 2022

There are gaps in healthcare. We’re working to close them. 

Many social needs go unmet. We’re addressing these head on. 

We’re working to promote healthy equity and improve healthcare outcomes for people in every zip code. Those five digits shouldn’t determine how healthy, or how unhealthy, you are. 

As part of our commitment to advance health equity and improve the well-being of our members, Blue KC’s Community Health team is working to reduce avoidable disparities in healthcare and health outcomes that disproportionately burden marginalized and minority members. 

Our first initiative will address the maternal/child health crisis plaguing women of color, which often substantially exceed the rates of their white counterparts. A significant component of this work involves addressing our members’ social needs – including transportation, housing, and food insecurity. These challenges exacerbate chronic conditions that often result in avoidable illnesses, high-cost members, and increased health disparities. 

Blue KC efforts in these areas include:

  • Partnering with the Mid-America Regional Council to address the social needs of Spira Care patients and members engaged with Care Management
  • Deploying community health workers to address the social needs of repeat high utilizers of the emergency department

To learn more about Blue KC’s Community Health team and its efforts on health equity, contact

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