The life-friendly, member-approved MyBlueKC app|The life-friendly, member-approved MyBlueKC app

March 2022

When members told us they wanted to access their health information on the go, we delivered. The MyBlueKC mobile app makes it easy for members to manage their benefits anytime, anywhere from their smartphone.

The MyBlueKC app empowers members to take charge of their health and wellness like never before. Now, members can reach milestones and accomplish wellness goals – and all it takes is a simple tap. The MyBlueKC app is intuitive, user friendly, and can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play.

The MyBlueKC app puts a lot in members’ hands including:  

  • Clear information about healthcare benefits, deductibles, and costs 
  • Access to in-network doctors and specialists
  • A cost estimator tool for cost transparency
  • A downloadable digital member ID card 
  • Claims details  

Big news! Virtual care is available on the MyBlueKC app 

Not long ago, it was hard to imagine having a virtual doctor visit. But today, virtual care is convenient, easy, dependable – and preferred by many Blue KC members. It has become especially valuable during the coronavirus pandemic.

With 24/7 virtual care, members can get care wherever they are for common medical issues – from sinus infections to allergic reactions and pink eye.

Virtual care provides many benefits. Now members can:  

  • See a licensed, U.S. board-certified physician for sick care or a therapist or psychiatrist for behavioral healthcare
  • Feel safe with private, secure, HIPAA-compliant technology
  • Access 24/7 sick care
  • Eliminate drive time and office wait times
  • Get care when traveling inside the U.S. 
  • Pay less than a visit to urgent care or an ER

Share the power of the MyBlueKC app 

The MyBlueKC app is changing the way members engage with their Blue KC health coverage, and there’s no going back. To learn more about how the MyBlueKC can benefit your employees, click here.

To view the app’s many features, download this flyer.

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