Making behavioral health a priority year-round |Making behavioral health a priority year-round

June 2022

Last month, many organizations and media outlets recognized the importance of mental health awareness. Employers can extend the emphasis on mental health by promoting whole health year-round. Blue KC also continues its commitment to reducing the stigma around behavioral health in our communities while making care more accessible and affordable. Together, we can help ensure no one has to silently suffer from mental health issues.

Mental Health Resources

· Behavioral Health Trainings

The pandemic helped normalize behavioral health needs at work, and from 2020 onward, mental health support at work went from a nice to have to a business imperative1. Blue KC has been an active participant in providing behavioral health services, including more than 25 virtual or in-person classes at no cost. These one-time trainings cover a variety of topics like managing emotions and anxiety, coping with stress, psychological safety, and suicide prevention.

Browse our Behavioral Health Training Catalog to see if one of our sessions could be helpful to your employees. If your company is interested in hosting a training session, email

1Epignosis Director of People Operations Christina Gialleli on “The State of L&D in 2022” report released by TalentLMS and backed by Epignosis and The Society for Human Resource Management.

· Mental Health First Aid®

One in five teens and young adults live with a mental health condition, but many are reluctant to seek help. The national Mental Health First Aid program aims to change that, and the Blue KC Behavioral Health Initiatives team is on the front lines training employer groups and Blue KC employees. Watch KSHB 41 coverage of the team’s Blue Valley School District training.

· Zero Reasons Why

#ZeroReasonsWhy is a community mobilization and storytelling campaign working to prevent teen suicide. Blue KC has partnered with the teen-led campaign to make it available to schools in the Kansas City metropolitan area through funding and scholarship. Watch Blue KC’s Jenny Housley, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, discuss the impact of this partnership.

· Shut Out the Stigma

Blue KC and the Kansas City Royals have partnered to sponsor Shut Out the Stigma to raise awareness and offer resources to let the Kansas City community know it’s okay to reach out for help. Watch the Shut Out the Stigma video series, learn facts about mental health, and get important crisis phone numbers at

Visit Mindful by Blue KC for more behavioral health resources.

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