SmartShopper Playbook Now Available |SmartShopper Playbook Now Available

June 2022

Healthcare coverage with Blue KC includes programs to promote a happy, healthy, and productive workforce. To help employers educate employees about these benefits, we created Playbook campaigns.   

Each playbook features a how-to guide for a unique, multi-week campaign to boost awareness about ways members can save money and improve their whole health. Today we offer playbooks on topics such as prescription drug savings, virtual care, and care management.     

The latest addition to our Blue KC playbook catalog is the SmartShopper playbook.  SmartShopper is a new program that encourages members to shop for healthcare to earn rewards. When members shop and choose a SmartShopper-eligible procedure, they will earn cash rewards once care is complete. Routine and preventive procedures, imaging, and surgeries can qualify for cash rewards. The amount a member receives depends on the type of procedure.  

Download the new SmartShopper playbook and champion the importance of shopping for healthcare and making more informed decisions about the cost of services.   

To learn more about SmartShopper, contact your Blue KC representative.  

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