Your Member Guide is Now Digital and Easier Than Ever to Access

September 2022

Your Blue KC member guide is now digital, giving employees the ultimate ease of downloading, bookmarking, and searching this go-to source. Now health plan topics such as finding care, using health and wellness programs, and understanding pharmacy benefits are easier than ever to reference.

Deliver the guide to your employees

Our new Digital Member Guide Toolkit helps you help your workforce access the member guide with ready-to-use employee communications, including:

  • QR Code – Share the QR code via email, your intranet, on presentation screens, and on posters to drive employees directly to your member guide.
  • Intranet Graphic – Link employees to the member guide from your intranet using this banner.
  • Email Template – Use the email template to promote the benefits of the digital member guide and to link them directly to their guide.
  • Leave Behind Card – Pass out this card at your benefits meetings and open enrollment sessions. It drives employees directly to your member guide via a QR code and reminds employees to connect to programs and services outlined in the digital member guide.   

Download the Digital Member Guide Toolkit today.

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