Don’t Let Quarantine Get You Down

Fall Issue

Normally the holidays are a time for gathering with family and friends. But this year, as the coronavirus keeps us apart, many folks are feeling fatigued. The CDC reports that the fear and anxiety about COVID-19 can be overwhelming – especially to those at higher risk of contracting the virus like older adults and individuals with chronic conditions. Here are some recommendations for staying positive during this difficult time.

6 tips to help boost physical and mental health 

  1. Stay active. 
    Do at-home workouts or take neighborhood walks (always maintain social distance) to get adequate physical activity each day. 
  2. Do something you love.
    Read a favorite book, listen to music, watch a comedy, do a crossword, take up a new craft or hobby. Engage in an activity that brings a smile to your face.
  3. Connect with family and friends.
    Being isolated can be depressing. Maintain human connection and keep relationships alive through phone, text, Facetime, and social media. 
  4. Eat right.
    Enjoy healthy, well-balanced meals and limit your intake of alcohol and foods and drinks that are high in sugar, salt, and saturated fat. 
  5. Start a journal.
    Journaling can help you alleviate mental health issues like anxiety and stress, as well as improve your cognitive and emotional power. 
  6. Celebrate the holidays outdoors.
    If you’re planning a celebration, host outdoor activities rather than indoor activities as much as possible. Gather ‘round a fire pit, go ice skating, or visit a tree farm. 

Behavioral health impacts our overall health. That’s why there’s Mindful by Blue KC. 

Mindful by Blue KC was created to help reduce the stigma surrounding behavioral health and to treat conditions like depression, anxiety and substance use. This initiative offers services that make care more accessible and affordable for you as a member. Keep an eye out for Mindful by Blue KC – it’s coming in 2021! 

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