Good Oral Health Starts Here

Fall Issue

Are you overdue for a routine cleaning or x-rays? Did you have to cancel or postpone an elective procedure due to COVID-19? As our community adjusts to new safety protocols, you may be thinking once more about your dental health – and getting back to going to the dentist. 

Here’s a quick reminder of the types of oral health services covered by DentaQuest, our oral health partner.  

Covered Services: 

  • Preventive services such as diagnostic services including oral exams, x-rays (both bitewing and panoramic), and cleanings including gingivitis sensitivity and fluoride treatment.
  • Restorative services such as fillings in resin, metallic, and porcelain and extractions including surgical and nonsurgical services.
  • Root canals and crowns including re-cement/re-bond crowns, crown repair, and protective restorations.
  • Periodontal services including scaling and root planning and scaling in the presence of gingival inflammation and debridement.
  • Exams and miscellaneous services including desensitizing medicament, post-surgical complications treatment, occlusional analysis and occlusal adjustments. 

If you have any questions about your oral health coverage, please call DentaQuest at 844-231-8312 (TTY: 800-466-7566) from 8 a.m. to 8 local time Monday – Friday. 

Don’t have a dentist? Find one online at If searching online, please select your state (KS or MO) and Blue Medicare Advantage as your plan.

Note: Coverage varies by plan; check your Evidence of Coverage (EOC) for coverage provisions.