It’s Time for Men to Take Their Health Seriously


Hello gentlemen, here’s a question. Would you rather go to the doctor or clean the bathroom? If you’d rather tidy the toilet bowl, you’re not alone.  

A national survey by the Cleveland Clinic confirms that men are incredibly stubborn when it comes to taking care of their health. Only half of the 1,174 adult men surveyed said they get regular checkups. Meanwhile, 72 percent said they’d rather do household chores than visit a doctor. 

Compared to women, men skip more recommended screenings and practice riskier behavior. They also die sooner, live more years in poor health, and have higher suicide rates. 

June 1st kicks off #MensHealthMonth

Men’s Health Month was created to bring awareness to the health challenges men face and to encourage them to live safer, healthier lifestyles. It’s the perfect time for men to take their well-being more seriously. 

The best way to participate in #MensHealthMonth? Nudge your male loved ones to keep themselves healthy by exercising, eating right, and regularly seeing their doctor. If you’re a fella, make an appointment with your PCP and stay up to date on your preventive care and age-appropriate health screenings. 

In other words, set all that stubbornness aside 😉 , and keep your health in check.

Source:; September 2019 Cleveland Clinic Survey