Prescription Refill Tips

Summer Issue

Here are some tips to help you manage your prescription refills so they’re there when you need them.

1. Before a doctor appointment, check to see if you need any refills. If you do, inform your doctor at the time of your visit.

2. Hopefully you’ll have enough medication to make it to your doctor’s appointment. If so, hold off on ordering any refills. Your doctor may decide to change your medications.

3. Never miss a dose of your long-term medications. You can refill them when you have 25% remaining. However, opioids and controlled substance prescriptions can only be refilled one to two days in advance.

4. Mind your medication expiration dates. Some medications have a limited shelf life.

5. Only refill the medications you take. Unused medications go to waste and contribute to increased healthcare costs.

6. When you need a regular prescription refill, call your pharmacy two to three days before you run out. There’s no need to call your doctor or clinic.