Supplemental benefits are here to help you live your best life. And your Medicare Advantage plan is full of them. Ready to take full advantage? Here’s a refresher.

Keep in mind that not all Blue Medicare Advantage plans offer the same benefits. Please login to or call Blue Medicare Advantage Customer Service at 1.866.508.7140 to see which benefits are available to you.

This free fitness benefit is designed for all fitness levels. Enjoy access to gym memberships, fitness classes, mobile workout programs, and more.

To Enroll: Call 1.888.423.4632 (TTY 711) or visit

Have a healthcare question or concern? Talk to a registered nurse 24/7, 365 days a year. The nurse will assess your situation and help to resolve your care issue.

To Connect: Call 1.833.546.9354 (TTY 711)

Your supplemental routine vision benefit is administered through EyeMed. To qualify for a $0 cost sharing routine eye exam, you must use an EyeMed network provider.

Find A Provider: Visit and choose “Find a Provider.” Select the Insight Network.

Routine hearing exams and certain hearing aids are administered through our partner, TruHearing. They’ll help you arrange an appointment with a provider nearest you.

Find A Provider: Call TruHearing Customer Service at 1.855.541.3070 (TTY 711)

We’ve partnered with DentaQuest to provide dental benefits including an annual allowance toward either preventive or comprehensive dental services.

Find A Provider: Visit or call DentaQuest Customer Service at 1.844.231.8312 (TTY 711).

Acupuncture and therapeutic massage treatments provide pain relief without medication. We’ve partnered with American Specialty Health (ASH) to provide this benefit.

The number of covered treatments varies by plan, and the therapeutic massage benefit is only available to Essential (PPO) plan members. Log into for more details on your plan’s benefit.

Find a Provider: Call Blue Medicare Advantage Customer Service at 1.866.508.7140 (TTY 711).

Receive over-the-counter (OTC) benefits through our partner program, Healthy Benefits Plus. If your plan provides this benefit, you’ve received a card in the mail that’s preloaded with $25 in monthly OTC benefits that expire each month.

For A List Of Items: Visit 

Ways To Shop:

For an e-version of the product catalog, visit

We’ve partnered with ALC Solutions for your Non-Emergency Medical Transportation benefit. Use up to 12 one-way trips to plan approved locations like doctors’ appointments and pharmacies. 

Schedule Transportation: Call ALC Customer Service at 1.833.886.8663 (TTY 711) at least two business days in advance to arrange pick-up times.

After discharge from an inpatient stay, you can have 14 nutritious, precooked meals delivered to your home. Our team will work with you to coordinate meal delivery from our partner, Mom’s Meals. Providers may submit an order directly to Mom’s Meals, or members can call Customer Service for assistance in requesting a meal.

To Request Meals: Call Blue Medicare Advantage Customer Service at 1.866.508.7140 (TTY 711) within 30 days after your your inpatient hospital discharge.

Members can earn up to $50 for completing an Annual Wellness Exam or other qualified wellness activities including a flu shot, breast cancer screening, and diabetic eye exam.

Get Started: Visit to register and claim your gift card.