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View your biometric screening results

December 2019

Compare past biometric results so you can hit your goals

Are you a numbers person? Someone who likes to compare past results to your current achievements? If so, then A Healthier You (AHY) has a portal for you!

If your employer offers onsite biometric screenings or the Physician Screening Form (where you submit biometric values collected by your doctor), you can easily pull the results from your AHY portal and compare them from year to year.

Log in to MyBlueKC.com, visit the Health & Wellness section, then click on “Visit AHY” to access your AHY dashboard. Once there, select “View Biometric Screening Results”:

You will then select “View Results”:

Your results will populate for the current wellness program year.* You can view previous wellness program years by clicking on the arrow next to the screening date.

To make it easy, you can click the printer icon in the upper right-hand corner of the drawer view for a print-friendly format.

We encourage you to share these results with your healthcare provider if you haven’t already, and pat yourself on the back for knowing your numbers!

*Your wellness program year is often the same as your insurance plan year. You can check the dates of your wellness program year by clicking on your Points Summary page on the AHY portal.

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