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$0 preventive care services, plus rewards. It’s a no brainer.

February 2022

$0, no cost, zilch.  

Blue KC knows you love to hear this about the cost of preventive care coverage, and we love to say it. Your Blue KC health plan covers many routine preventive services – such as cancer and diabetes screenings, immunizations, and your annual preventive visit – at 100% when you visit an in-network doctor or facility. That’s $0 for preventive services! 

See what may be included with your plan, and keep these tips in mind when scheduling appointments: 

  • Visit doctors in your plan’s network. 
  • Ask for preventive care screenings and tests that are 100% covered by your plan. 
  • Ask if there are any tests or treatments done during your appointment that might not be considered preventive care. 
  • Ask if talking about non-preventive care health problems during your appointment will lead to extra costs.

Rewards sweeten the deal 

Blue KC takes preventive care a sweet step further with rewards. Complete your annual preventive care visit by December 31, 2022, and earn a $25 digital gift card. For members with a family plan, the reward applies to adults and children, so a family of four could qualify for $100 in rewards. Login at for all the details. 

Blue KC health plans with Spira Care offer more $0 coverage  

If you’ve enrolled in a plan with Spira Care, you also receive $0 services* at Spira Care Centers, including: 

  • $0 doctor visits
  • $0 routine lab services 
  • $0 digital X-rays (most locations) 
  • $0 childhood checkups and vaccines 
  • $0 telehealth visits with Spira Care providers or by using MyBlueKC app 

Schedule your preventive care services now and get the most out of your Blue KC plan. To see all your plan offers, scan the QR code on your member ID card or login at

*Services must be completed at a Spira Care Center, and you must have a Blue KC plan with Spira Care. On-site prescription services are available for a select and limited number of the top generic prescriptions at your regular copay or deductible level. 

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