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Add Years to Your Life and More Life to Your Years – With a PCP

May 2022

You know yourself inside and out. You know who else should? Your primary care provider (PCP). 

Your PCP is a partner in health. Trained to look after overall wellness, manage chronic illnesses, and keep you on track with necessary screenings, your PCP helps manage your day-to-day health and keeps you on the road to good health. What’s more, studies show that people who see a PCP live longer.  

Your PCP may be a Spira Care doctor if your health plan includes Spira Care, an in-network doctor, a nurse practitioner, or a physician assistant. You should be able to tell your PCP anything – so choose one you trust and feel a connection with.  

5 Benefits of having a PCP  

1. Provide proactive preventive care  

A PCP provides proactive preventive care and can help identify issues like infectious disease, respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer, mental health disorders, substance abuse, and violence.  

2. Lower your healthcare costs  

Maintaining good health is the best way to avoid bigger, more costly healthcare issues. Spira Care members can visit a Spira Care Center for $0*. And for members who use an in-network PCP, your annual preventive visit – and many other preventive services – are covered at 100%.  Read the For Members Only article to learn more.

3. Save time  

Your PCP can address multiple issues in one appointment. They can often provide a checkup, screening, and any immunizations in just one visit.  

4. Guide you through the healthcare system  

If you ever need specialized care, your PCP can refer you to the right specialist and coordinate with specialists throughout your care journey.  

5. Enjoy the confidence of having a trusted health advocate  

Your care is in the hands of someone who knows your whole story. The more your PCP knows you, the better they can care for you and positively impact your health for years to come.  

Don’t Have a PCP? No worries. 

  • Find one in your neighborhood Visit your member portal at MyBlueKC.com, select Find Care in the left column, then enter any of the following in the search bar: PCP, family medicine, internal medicine, general practice, or a specific provider name. 
  • Spira Care members – Visit a Spira Care Center for $0*. Make an appointment at one of eight Spira Care Centers in the Kansas City metro area. 

*Spira Care HSA members pay a low cost for visits.  

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