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Mindful by Blue KC

February 2021

Mindfulness takes understanding – and practice

Blue KC is dedicated to thinking differently about coverage and care, enhacing the services provided by your health plan to impact your health and well-being. That’s why last summer we introduced Mindful by Blue KC, a new behavioral health initiative dedicated to reducing the stigma around behavioral health, while making behavioral healthcare accessible and affordable. 

Mindful by Blue KC is a commitment to covering the health needs of the whole person. For our members, Mindful by Blue KC comes to life as a set of tools and resources to address stress, depression, anxiety, substance use, and more. 

As part of Mindful by Blue KC, we sat down with Jacie Harris, LMLP, a Behavioral Health Training and Development Specialist at Blue KC, to discuss the importance of mindfulness. Our conversation covered  what it means, how to engage in it, and the benefits mindfulness can sometimes offer, like reduced anxiety and depression symptoms, increased ability to manage stress, greater relationship satisfaction and enhanced ability to cope with emotions.

Image of Jacie Harris, LMLP

Watch Now – What is Mindfulness

Did you know that as part of Mindful by Blue KC you have access to a variety of new and enhanced behavioral health services like online self-guided tools? Take this exercise to the next level and explore other resources to manage stress, improve mood, and more. 

Mindful by Blue KC offers 24/7 behavioral health support and is only a phone call away. No matter why, no matter when, we are here. Call 833-302-MIND (6463) to speak with a Mindful Advocate or visit MindfulBlueKC.com to learn more. 

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