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Shop for a test, scan, or procedure - and earn a cash reward!

April 2023

When last weekend’s sports injury requires an MRI, you have two choices:

  1. Go to an imaging center your doctor refers and potentially pay a higher cost; or
  2. Shop for an imaging center that offers the same service at a lower cost.

Shop? For an MRI? Absolutely!

At one time, a doctor’s order for a test, scan, or procedure meant you’d have it done at the facility scribbled on a script pad. No questions asked.

Today, eligible members* have SmartShopper, which gives you control to shop and choose a lower cost option for an MRI, colonoscopy, mammogram, surgery, ultrasound, and more than 90 other medical procedures. And, you can earn a cash reward for doing so! Blue KC members have earned an average reward of $365 per procedure.

SmartShopper is part of your member portal at, on the MyBlueKC app, or you can call the SmartShopper Personal Assistant Team to help you shop. So, shopping – and saving – is at your fingertips and easy.

How To Shop:

Watch the brief video below and download this How-To Guide for step-by-step shopping instructions using SmartShopper.

Learn More About SmartShopper:

  • This SmartShopper FAQ answers many common questions.
  • The experts on the SmartShopper Personal Assistant Team (1-855-476-5027) can answer your specific questions and help you shop.
  • Explore SmartShopper for yourself on our website at:
    • > Find Care > Find Doctors, Specialists & Hospitals > SmartShopper
    • MyBlueKC app > Find Care > Find Doctors, Specialists & Hospitals > Search Doctors > SmartShopper

*SmartShopper-eligible members include fully insured large and small group members, small group level funded members, and individual and family plan members. Experience varies between ACA and non-ACA plans. Self-insured customers can work with their Blue KC Account Representative for more information about offering SmartShopper to their employees.

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