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Blue KC's Care Management App Helps Keep Your Health on Track

November 2022

Blue KC supports you wherever you are in your health journey. One way we do this is through the Blue KC Care Management Team and Blue KC Care Management app. See download the App section below for more details.

The Blue KC Care management app empowers you to:

Chat with our compassionate Care Team
Secure, two-way messaging ranks as our app’s most popular feature. You can ask questions and get fast answers from someone trained to discuss your care management program, medications, symptoms, and health concerns. If a question needs to be escalated, the Care Team will immediately pull in a nurse.

Measure and own health goals
In addition to a built-in physical activity tracker, the app’s “Me” tab shows real-time metrics that can help you reach your goals, like completed tasks, medications taken, progress made within a care management program, and information about upcoming procedures.

Research health questions
The “Library” tab curates a collection of educational articles to read or star for later. Articles may be specific to a procedure, condition, medication, or general wellness tips. Every article is reviewed by a medical professional to ensure it is current and accurate.

Join a targeted program
Connect to programs developed by clinicians with expertise in diabetes, smoking cessation, weight loss, and chronic kidney disease. Our app helps hold employees accountable, so they stick with a program.

Stay organized
Get daily to-do items in a checklist, such as medication alerts, reminders to schedule appointments, check-in surveys, and suggested reading. Real-time prompts can help you stay on track and allow a Care Manager to intervene, if needed.

Download the app

Download the Blue KC Care Management app at Google Play or the Apple Store, or scan the QR Code below. Use the access code: kchelpwelcome to register and get started today.

If you would like to speak with a Blue KC RN or have questions, please contact us at 816-395-2060 or 1-866-859-3813, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time.

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