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What’s so special about your Member ID Card

January 2021

Your Member ID Card is key to unlocking all the coverage and benefits of your Blue KC health plan. Keep it in your wallet and be sure to present your card anytime you visit your doctor, receive healthcare services, or fill a prescription. Your card contains information that healthcare professionals need to make sure your care is covered.

Let’s take a closer look at your Member ID Card. 

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  1. Member ID Number – This is the number we use to identify you and your policy. It’s also what providers use to file claims on your behalf.
  2. Group Number – This number is used to identify our members by a group. For example, if your employer provides your insurance, you are included in a “group” of members covered by your employer.
  3. Plan Type – This describes what type of insurance plan you have (for example, a PPO plan).
  4. Customer Service Phone Number – Call this number when you have a question about your Blue KC policy. Our Customer Service staff is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CT. 
  5. Network Name – This is the network of hospitals, physicians and pharmacies that accept your Blue KC policy. It’s important that you see healthcare providers who are in your network to ensure you maximize the benefits of your policy.
  6. Suitcase – Blue KC members, excluding those with HMO plans, have access to our “BlueCard” program, which extends the benefits of your Blue KC plan to all 50 states.

You can view, print and download a digital copy of your Blue KC member ID card for yourself, and anyone covered on your policy. Simply login to your member portal and visit the ID card section.

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