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December 2020

Holiday shopping can put a dent in your wallet.  

While this holiday season may look a bit different for most of us, you can probably count on some of the usual themes: joy, family, and generosity. But for many, managing the holiday budget can also bring on a certain amount of stress and anxiety this time of year. No matter the season, Blue KC is always looking for new ways to help ease the concerns of finding affordable access to the care you need.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Rx Savings Solutions to offer a free, confidential online service that helps you see if lower-cost options for your prescription drugs might be available. Here are six ways that Rx Savings Solutions looks for ways to see if you can save money on the medications you’re already taking: 

  1. Different Drug, Same Treatment: There is often more than one medication available to treat a medical condition. Rx Savings Solutions will show you available alternatives, along with their costs.
  2. Same Drug, Different Pharmacy: Sometimes it’s as simple as using a different pharmacy that may sell your current medication for much less.
  3. Same Active Ingredient, Lower Price: If a generic is available, they’ll find it. If there is more than one option, you’ll know exactly what each one costs.
  4. Same Drug, Split the Pill: Many medications are priced the same regardless of strength. Split a larger tablet in half to get two doses at half the price.
  5. Same Drug, Different Form: Believe it or not, a capsule might cost more than a tablet or liquid form—or vice versa.
  6. Same Ingredients, Different Pills: If a drug has two active ingredients, the price can skyrocket. Take the active ingredients separately at the same time for the same treatment at a lower cost.

You should consult your doctor before changing any prescribed medication. Through the Contract Prescriber feature, Rx Savings Solutions can also help you reach out to your prescriber on making a change to any prescription medication.

As a Blue KC member, you have free access to see possible options using the Rx Savings Solutions online portal and pharmacy support team. Rx Savings Solutions will also automatically notify you by email or direct mail whenever you have an opportunity to save!

If you haven’t yet activated your Rx Savings Solutions account, sign up at https://myrxss.com/bluekc.

Or simply log in to MyBlueKC.com, visit the Plan Benefits section, and click on “Pharmacy.” Once you’re on the Pharmacy page, click on “Spend Less at the Pharmacy” and you’ll be directed to Rx Savings Solutions where you can view your current savings opportunities and sign up for future alerts.

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