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Helping With the Heart of the Matter

September 2021

Helping with the Heart of the Matter

While the American Heart Association has designated February as American Heart Month, it’s important to spread awareness year ‘round. For example, did you know September 29 is World Heart Day?

There’s no time like the present to remind everyone that heart disease continues to be the leading cause of death worldwide. It’s also the greatest health threat to Americans. You might be wondering how that can be. After all, we’ve seen nearly 100 cholesterol and blood pressure medications developed over the past 60 years that are proven to help treat these conditions.

Despite the effectiveness of these drugs, only half of those who need cardiovascular medications take them as prescribed. Why? The answer typically comes down to whether people can afford the prescriptions they need. 

Here’s how Blue KC is ready to help: We’ve partnered with Rx Savings Solutions to offer you –and anyone covered on your Blue KC policy – a way to find lower-cost prescription drugs covered by your insurance. 

With Rx Savings Solutions’ help, a member was recently able to save $2,700 a year on a common blood pressure medication by simply taking the drug in a different form. All the member had to do was click one button in their online account and the pharmacy experts at Rx Savings Solutions took care of the rest. 

Activate your account or log in today to see if you could save.

You can always access Rx Savings Solutions by logging in to MyBlueKC.com, visiting the Plan Benefits section, and clicking on “Pharmacy Plan Info.” Once you’re on the Pharmacy Plan Info page, click on “Spend Less on Prescription Drugs” and you’ll be directed to Rx Savings Solutions where you can view your current savings opportunities.

Affordable medications are at the heart of a healthy lifestyle and Blue KC is here to help you understand all your prescription drug options.

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