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October 2020

A day to remember mental health. A way to save on prescriptions every day.

World Mental Health Day is observed each year on October 10 to raise awareness around the world. Roughly one in seven people worldwide live with mental health conditions, yet this remains one of the most neglected areas of public health.

Many Americans lack access to mental health services, and also face high prescription costs when medication is required to treat their condition. COVID-19 has magnified the problem for many people as they live in isolation, take on more responsibilities in the home, and live under increasing financial stress.

Blue KC understands the impact these factors can have on our members. We don’t want prescription costs to prevent you or your family members from getting the treatment you deserve. This is why Blue KC has partnered with Rx Savings Solutions to help members identify potential savings.

Here’s just one recent example:

  • A Blue KC member had been paying anywhere from $80 to $600 each time she filled her antidepressant prescription.
  • Rx Savings Solutions notified her of a lower-cost alternative, and she soon logged into her personal, confidential portal.
  • The member discovered a different medication that works the same way and could bring her cost down to $10 per fill.
  • After just a few clicks of her mouse, Rx Savings Solutions contacted her doctor to make sure the new medication was right for her.
  • The new $10 prescription was called in to her pharmacy and was soon ready for pick-up.

Whether your prescriptions are for mental health or any other health condition, Rx Savings Solutions can help you:

  • Find available lower-cost options if your medication is expensive, on backorder, or in short supply.
  • Change to 90-day supplies or home delivery if available.
  • Get your doctor’s approval for a new, lower-cost prescription.

Why not see if you can save on any of your prescriptions? Simply log in to your free and confidential online account. Rx Savings Solutions can save you money and repeated trips to the pharmacy. Most of all, staying mentally healthy means staying on the medications you need.

If you have not yet activated your Rx Savings Solutions account, sign up at https://myrxss.com/bluekc.

Or simply log in to MyBlueKC.com, visit the Plan Benefits section and click on “Pharmacy.” Once you’re on the Pharmacy page, click on “Spend Less at the Pharmacy” and you’ll be directed to Rx Savings Solutions – the place to view your current savings opportunities and sign up for future alerts.

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