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Feb 9, 2024
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Get a quick refresher on how to update an agent of record at Blue KC 

Do you know a group that wants you or someone on your team as its new agent of record (AOR)? We’ve got a process for that.  

  1. Ask the group to provide you the following information on company letterhead 
    • Group name 
    • Group ID 
    • Signee name 
    • Signee email 
    • New agent name and ID    
  1. Email the above information to  
  1. Blue KC will review and process the request within a week 
  1. Transfer of commissions from the incumbent agent to the new agent will be effective the first day of the second month following receipt of letter or completed appointment process 

Example timeline

Process Completion Date Transfer of Commissions to New Agent 
November 1-30 January 1 
December 1-31 February 1 

Please reach out to your Blue KC sales representative with questions. 

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